Price jones IS A musician and composer living and creating in Nashville, tn.

Price Jones began making music as a young girl growing up in Kentucky, where she spent summers performing musical theatre professionally across the metro Louisville area. By her late teens, she would discover classical guitar and move to Nashville, TN, to deepen her studies at Belmont University. Her relocation to Nashville in 1982 marked the beginning of a decades long career in songwriting, recording, producing, and composing.

The Rolling Stone Review 1985 The Year in Rock book wrote of Jones’ trio Afterdark, “A trio led by the stinging guitar attack of Ms. Price Jones, Afterdark offers as rocking and danceable a live set as any”.

Jones released the single Goodtime Romeo in 1985. However, it was with her next project, Oooznoz, that Jones really began to make her mark on the Nashville music scene. Jones was praised by her critics and peers alike for her musicality, songwriting, and skills as a vocalist. Oooznoz was widely acclaimed and took Jones across the southeastern United States playing festivals, concerts, and radio shows. 

Of Oooznoz, Nashville Scene critic Michael McCall wrote, “Jones performs an amazing command of various musical styles, all performed with disarming confidence.”

When Jones was not on the road, she owned and managed Cat Tracks studio in Nashville. She spent 10 years at Cat Tracks producing and engineering, and it was there, in 1997, that Jones composed the rock opera, The Fortunate Few.

In 1999, Jones launched an animal welfare organization, Give a Dog a Home, and spent the next decade of her life rescuing German Shepherds. 

Music never let go of Price Jones. Neither did her dream to see The Fortunate Few brought to life. This year, she and some of Nashville's greatest instrumentalists and singers have collaborated to make Jones' vision a reality.